Modern stone paving comes in a perfect shape that gets locked with each other without any sealant. So, there is no need to add any sealant between the pavings. The sealant can damage the natural look of the stones.

Natural stone paving is considered as the best for the swimming pools. It not only gives an amazing view of the swimming pools but also traps the water inside the pool properly.

Natural stones are the hardest material known to be used in paving. So, it is highly suitable for your driveway. Use something hard and dense like slate or granite for the driveway paving.

The stone paving is made in such a way that it give proper grip for people to walk on them. There is no need to worry that you are going to slip on them even on the rainy seasons.

The colour of the stone paving retains its original colour for many years. But, due to the harsh climatic condition of your area, it will change some of its colours after some time.

The brick paving is more costly than the stone paving. This is because the bricks need lots of other materials like sand, cement, etc to get fixed on the ground.

There is no need to wait for anything at all. You can use your driveway right after the installation of the paving. The stone paving is designed to be used instantly as there is nothing that needed to be dried up first.

Well, the cost depends on the area and material you are selecting for the paving. If you want to install the paving in a very broad area then it will simply cost you more.

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